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Maria Ivette Berrios





The mission of JIE Productions Ministry is to encourage, teach and equip Christian actors, writers, dancers, and designers to use their God given artistic talent to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by utilizing creative drama, musical theater, and choral music to communicate the gospel to all communities across the nation. To accomplish this mission, we have the following general goals: * To create, produce and perform Christian theatrical productions and concerts that communicate biblical truth in a modern world without compromising the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and inspire people to biblical living. * To develop a new and fresh culture of distinctly Christian art and artists. * To provide the Christian and secular community valued and compelling musical and artistic productions they can embrace and relate to. * To bring to life biblical parables and characters into this modern age using today’s issues, family values, cultural status, and political incorrectness by way of various artistic crafts and in order to impact both the Christian and secular community.

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Maria Ivette Berrios

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